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A Rebound ?

Emotional attachment takes time to form, but at the same time, it takes time for it to go away. And rebound is a temporary band-aid, instead of actual healing. Is it painful ? Well, mostly for the person being the rebound for the future dumper. Can we stop it from happening ? May be only if you are not in the post breakup traumatic phase, else you will give in filling the void imaging the dumper as the savior of your sinking love boat..

What Happens When a Rebound Relationship Ends?

The breakup has probably left you feeling a bit self-conscious, undesirable, unwanted, un-a lot of things. Your self-esteem has probably been totaled by somebody that you wanted, and you feel an acute, crushing sense of panic similar of the loss of a loved one. Whether you meet this new somebody while at a big party or casually, accidentally in line at the closest coffee shop, this somebody finds you attractive, and sooner (three drinks) or later (three dates) you find yourself under this person. Your first reaction might be to jump for joy because you feel a slight tinge of triumph – yes! you’ve moved on! You have successfully expanded your list of sex stories, your most recent is now no longer your most tragic, and you have somebody new to think and obsess about. You can occupy your brain with this new person, analyzing all his or her movements, words, music choices, weekend activities, texts, Instagram posts, tweets, and so on. Your friends are relieved to hear about somebody else, and life is great. Ex who? Then swoops in memories from your previous relationships. You sit and stare off into space thinking of all the nice things your ex did for you – the way he would tuck your hair behind your ear, surprise you with flowers, or set the coffee pot to ensure you had your dose of espresso in the morning. In the end, you start to feel uneasy about the choice of getting underneath someone else with nothing concrete or with future. What were you thinking in allowing someone else to share your bed while you still haven’t properly committed? This is when the whole idea of a new relationship falls apart. Because soon, your new suitor won’t be there anymore MAY BE. THE MAY BE THEN KILLS YOU. A harsh slap with the actual pain feels over all of you, giving you the reality check that you have boarded yourself on the plain which is 100% going to crash.

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